New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church of East Toledo believes that all people are on a journey. We SHOULD be working together to help one another. 
Here is an opportunity to share your thoughts in order that God might use them to help someone else. Please be Godly to the best of your ability. Everything here should be encouraging.  
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Posted by P. Daniel Stevenson on 13-Apr-2024 at 09:41:06 EST
Subject: Cage Match

Life is a cage match. We won until we didn't. We thought we were just getting by even though we weren't. Get on the right side, the winning side, and run the real race apart from the rat race. Jesus had already paid the tab and you and others like you are sitting at the tables refusing to get up because they don't want to walk out without paying. Stuck much?

Posted by Pastor Daniel Stevenson on 01-Apr-2024 at 10:26:14 EST
Subject: Music

New Heights Fellowship worship is a mix of "hymns" and more contemporary music. Our music is led by our praise team Not Of This World Praise Band. We use piano, keyboard, drums, guitar, and bass guitar with both male and female vocal leads. The hymns from "the hymnal" are mixed in updated but we do not use hymnals. We use power points to display words. We usually do at least one song <br>every worship service with motions and involve the children to learn them and sing. I pray that those who are set in a certain way of worshipping will always find a place or create a place for like-minded individuals to worship. Personal preference in this area is absolutely fine but it is truly more important to be found faithful in the church that God has placed you in. If yes believer don't stop trying hard to find your permanent church home.

Posted by Pastor Daniel Stevenson on 01-Apr-2024 at 10:12:15 EST
Subject: Appointments Available

Sunday's sermon for me thinking about how we can literally spend time with the risen Savior. He is with us and in us in everything we do if we have been born again. We ought to seriously consider then what o it r actions should be since He is meant to be participating in every one of them with us. The fact that He continues to make intercession for us eternally is the only reason we remained saved forever even if we make mistakes. Live video on<br>#reachingnewheightsinjesus

Posted by Haylee Ross on 11-Mar-2024 at 20:53:00 EST
Subject: Inquiring about possible help with car repairs

Hello I wanted to inquire to see if your church helps with car repairs. I recently got out of an abusive relationship and I’m currently staying at the YWCA domestic violence shelter and I’m having a little car trouble. I’m not sure if your organization helps with this sort of thing so I thought I’d reach out and ask. If it’s something you can’t help with maybe you know of other churches or organizations in the area that might help. Thank you for your time. I’m very grateful for any help. Please feel free to call, text or email me.<br>Thank you <br>Haylee- 419-607-3476

Posted by Jason Wellington on 01-Jan-2024 at 09:50:49 EST
Subject: New Year to fellowship

Happy New Year<br><br>My prayers are for our joy and peace, and for God to restore all that was lost in the prior year in 2024, may He do these things but we should also pray the command below.<br><br>Luke 21:36<br>So keep watch at all times, and pray that you may have the strength to escape all that is about to happen and to stand before the Son of Man.”<br><br> I want things to be better, but what if they get worse? I want tragedy to stay far away from America's door step but what if the cup of her fornication and adultery with other gods is completely full and judgement has been declared already against her. It's only by prayer and digesting the Word of God that you will have peace, joy, and contentment in the year 2024 and being filled by the morrow of God by fellowshipping with the rest of His body.<br><br> In our physical human body, marrow flows from bone to bone through joints. This morrow is the stuff that produces red blood cells to carry oxygen, and white blood cells to fight infection. It produces platelets to stop bleeding. These are the things the body of Messiah is to help do for each other. We should help fight infections in our brothers and sisters life's, wether they be bad thoughts or bad company. We should help one another breath better by streangthening each other in the joy and peace of the Lord and we should bind up the wounds with the love of God, the true healing salve of our lives.

Posted by Amy A on 23-Oct-2023 at 13:29:48 EST
Subject: Lady in need.

I know a lady whose rental home has no heat. The landlord won't let her hire her own help to fix the system. What can she do? Could you help ? She lives near Nevada / Dearborn please text only. 4199137461

Posted by Phyllis Johnson on 28-Aug-2023 at 08:31:12 EST
Subject: Help

I am so grateful to your encouragement daily you have kept me faithful and my life is full with hope. Thank you. I will try to get my grandkids to bring them but the parents are to prideful they don't like me bringing them to my functions. They say hand me downs. I want to give them something from me and I want them to see God cares and people are also.Amen

Posted by Dona on 06-Aug-2023 at 18:08:17 EST
Subject: Music Program

I am seeking a church that sings hymns rather than modern music. Could you tell me about your music.

Posted by 1 John 4:15 on 10-Jun-2023 at 08:56:04 EST
Subject: Personal programming

I got thinking after I posted my post how it's easy enough because we are not working God's program. The spiritual disciplines have as one of their great advantage they change us. As we study, as we pray, as we worship, etc. We become what we are supposed to be. So, then the work we need to do when we don't do it, we are setting ourselves up to fail at that. People groan under the effects of the fall but don't do their part to overcome them. They start by believing and calling Him Lord but they don't follow the teachings to grow in Christ. I guess this is the how that a lot of people are looking for. Then again, I realize it's a model that education takes. They take the process of it and indoctrinate students to believe and live a certain way. It's what should be in a faith centralized around Christ but society has made it about anything else. I remember talk of why a four year degree was considered important and a part of that was because the person would be more well rounded but I see now what was going on there. Programming of a person is necessary to survive inside or outside Christ. A relationship with God or a relationship with the world-either way a process is necessary.

Posted by Pastor Daniel Stevenson on 10-Jun-2023 at 08:40:22 EST
Subject: Abiding

1 John 4:15- Whoever means anyone can. This is a qualifier. It shows that Jesus is the door as He said. Believing is one thing. Acting at if you believe, openly admitting you follow Jesus, BEING a believer -is another. It's so easy to just exist in whatever situation we find ourselves in without trying to make that situation include Jesus. Certainly if we won't include Him them we are darling to make Him Lord. "In" is a thing we want. Since we can do nothing outside Him, getting "in" Him is the way to go. Here's how. Confess Him.