This is the  LIFE Station Pantry Registration Page.
This page is for requesting delivery of food resources and for faster registration when picking up from the LIFE Station at 402 South Ave.
If you can pick up resources during walk-up hours at the LIFE Station ( Monday 11-4 and Tuesday thru Friday 10-4 ) please do and that would be greatly appreciated. We may have additional resources for walk-up.
If you need delivery please do not hesitate to request delivery. We definitely want to help you. Fill out the form or call 419-242-3340 and one of our operators will fill out for you.  Your delivery will usually arrive the next day. Please plan on being home and available by phone for confirmation. 

LIFE Station delivery area spans 43605, 43609, 43619, 43616 (western half), 43608, 43604, 43607, 43606, 43614, 43611, 43612,  43613, and 43620. 
43605 deliveries will be scheduled with help from New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church of East Toledo which meets at 255 Heffner in Toledo. If you are in East Toledo and Looking for a new church home please give them a try. 
Please know that we are simply trying to be good neighbors and we want to assist with resources. For those who are quarantined due to symptoms we will deliver without contact in many cases although in cases with children in the home there is a form that we would like to get signed which allows us to deliver more resources that are especially kid-friendly. 
You must receive your delivery or arrange that it can be left somewhere in your absence if you cannot receive it. If you fail to receive it there are no guarantees of redelivery.  Failing to receive a requested delivery multiple times will be grounds for denying all future requests for delivery for a given household. If you are going to be out and about stop by the life station and pick up your free groceries. No appointment is needed except for on Saturdays.  
Ouside the above listed zip codes deliveries are still possible but manpower and resources are somewhat more limited. Please seek a pantry that is functioning in your area. If there are none, call us. We will look into it and do what we can. 
Twenty-Eight days after a LIFE Station delivery you may place another request for delivery. We can receive your second and following requests by email, telephone, or on-line registration (A Shorter Form is avalable.) 
You may not fill out the form for others although you may help someone else fill out the form for themselves. Caseworkers who want to arrange for delivery to a client should reach out to the LIFE Station via telephone directly prior to filling out this form for any clients. Registered Case workers may then fill out multiple forms as needed after authorization. 
If you call 419-242-3340 one of our operators will fill out the form for you  and answer any other questions you may have. If an operator is not available when you call you will get voice mail. Please leave a message and wait for a call back. You should receive a call back within 24 hours. We will attempt to deliver your groceries the next day whenever possible. 
The form:
Zip code*
Email Address
Your Birthdate*
Marital Status*   Divorced   Married   
Other   separated   Single   
GenderMale   Female   
Voluntary Identify as Veteran in the house?*yes   No   
Cell Phone Number*
Can we send you text updates?*texts   No texts   
Total Number in Household 0-17 yrs old*
Total Number in Household 18-59 yrs old*
Total Number in Household 60+ yrs old*
Please enter the name of your home church if you have one (not required)
If you have a church home please note how often you participate (not required)never   Sporadically   weekly   
Full Name and birthdate of first additional person
Relationship of first additional person
Relationship of Second additional person
Full Name and birthdate of Second additional person
Relationship of Third additional person
Full Name and birthdate of Third additional person
Relationship of Fourth additional person
Full Name and birthdate of Fourth additional person
Relationship of Fifth additional person
Full Name and birthdate of Fifth additional person
Enter the full name, birthdate, and relationship of any additional people not yet listed.
Check those that apply (not required)I would Identify as a Christian   Please send Free Mail-in Bible Study for all members of the household (Free)   
New Church HomeI need a new church home   I do not need a new church home   
I need encouragementI need encouragement   I do not need encouragement   Podcast Link?   
Please initial here to indicate that all information entered onto this form is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you are entering it for your own household. This form may no be filled out for others (caseworker contact us.)*
Anything else we should know about you, your home, or your need for delivery
Prayer Concerns/immediate plans

In which verse do you more clearly see God's love?

Which is more important, A Christian's First-time decision for Christ or ongoing growth as a Christian?