Fog and Moon Publishing Arm

Fog and Moon Book as a publishing arm will circulate materials produced throughout the ministry. As a separate entity, the hope is that it will serve three primary purposes. It will serve as an additional source of revenue to empower ministry locally and mission globally. It will serve as an outlet for the surplus creative juices of church planters, pastors, and lay persons in the network, allowing for additional professional materials to be available for circulation among prospects, church members, and partners. In 2019 submissions were opened up worldwide under one of three programs. Lastly, it will serve as a means to spread the gospel . This is the primary purpose as it became evident that God is at work producing professional quality fiction and non-fiction material from the minds of Gospel-centered Preachers/Teachers/Writers. One book of Pastor Dan’s was published by Tate publishing in February of 2015 and is available worldwide though it has yet to gain acclaim. It was released again in August 2017 by Redemption Press.

Publishing Programs
All materials published will be in line with the Baptist Faith and Message or Family Freindly by their nature. Absolutely no vulgarity, explicit intimacy, or grotesque imagery. No doctrine is to be espoused directly or indirectly that is not in line with the Baptist Faith and Message. These limitations will be applied solely at the discretion of Fog and Moon Books and is not up for dispute.

Program One: You maintain ownership of the manuscript but donate its use for publication purposes. You will receive no revenue from your title but we will use your book to connect to your website or list your ministry contact information with the book information so that persons may locate you and connect with you in other ways. You can republish the manuscript later for revenue but the revenue from this publication will be donated fully to the ministries in Toledo per our revenue schedule. We will not provide you with ongoing statements of sales or revenue. You WILL be able to purchase author copies of the book at our regular author copy rate which will be disclosed in our agreement with you. We reserve the right to change these rates if our costs increase.  You will receive two free author copies when the book publishes.

Program Two: You will receive 49% of any revenue earned by the book and the other 51% will be considered a tax deductible donation. This will continue for the first five years the book is in publication. You will receive statements that break this down when the book earns revenue. We will use your book to connect to your website or list your ministry contact information with the book information so that persons may locate you and connect with you in other ways. You will receive a quarterly statement with sales and revenue statistics for the first five years your book is in publication. After five years or at any time if you should republish the book you will receive no further revenue from the book and all revenue will be donated to the ministries in Toledo per our revenue schedule. You WILL be able to purchase author copies of the book at our regular author copy rate which will be disclosed in our agreement with you. We reserve the right to change these rates if our costs increase.

Program Three: You may donate a manuscript to us in its present condition with NO restrictions. You are donating the rights to your manuscript completely. We will issue you a letter stating that you donated the manuscript to the ministries in Toledo and you may designate which ministry arm you would like to benefit the most from you donated works. When it comes to tax time you may value your manuscript for tax deduction purposes as you see fit. When the manuscript is published you can be given credit for coauthoring the manuscript or not, your choice. This must be designated at the time of your donation. This is the only program that accepts unsolicited manuscripts and the manuscript MUST be accompanied with your signed letter designating the manuscript as a complete and total donation including ALL rights and ALL uses from the date of the donation forward.  You will NOT be eligible to purchase author copies, will not receive updates, and have no recourse if you are not satisfied with the outcome BUT your message will be getting out the world and you WILL be published if we can make your manuscript work.

Program Four (Prince Albert): You may write a Prince Albert Story and submit for publication. The story must fit within the scope of the project. You will receive no compensation but the manuscript can be designed to link to your website or other contact information. The submission MUST be accompanied with your signed letter designating the manuscript as a complete and total donation including ALL rights and ALL uses from the date of the donation forward.

Submission Form

Disclaimer: We will publish your work if it meets our program guidelines. We will not be compelled to consult you though we MAY at our option get your input. We WILL rely on your assertion that the manuscript is ready for publication and even if there are errors it may go to print as is. You are expected to be satisfied with any adjustments we do choose to make and satisfied if we make no adjustments at all. We will attempt to keep your message intact as you have written it and in general if a manuscript requires any edit that touches on message then we will probably not publish unless we have been given complete rights of the manuscript which would also allow us to adjust as necessary. If you are concerned that we will alter your message then our programs are not for you.

Also, be aware, as of the close of 2019, no manuscript published by Fog and Moon books has ever earned revenue in excess of $2000. Please do not publish with us or donate to us thinking your manuscript will take off unless you have a platform and people you know who will buy the book once it is published. If you are not willing to generate sales your book will only achieve availability by publishing with us. It will not become a substantial revenue source for you or for the ministries we support. That being said, we are not looking for authors that expect to hit it big with this publication. We are looking for those who are willing to put their manuscripts into the kingdom advance and possibly generate some revenue for the author and/or for the ministries as an additional blessing.

 Manuscripts and Signed Contracts may be submitted here:

Editing Suggestion Services

We offer an editing suggestion service. There are two levels we offer and neither will make your manuscript ready for publication.

Level one- We will read the manuscript regardless of errors and check for basic plot errors, Biblical values (BFM), and provide a list of suggestions on how to improve the story. We MAY note any basic grammatical or spelling errors that catch our attention but this is NOT part of this service which means we may not mark any even if we notice them. This is a very basic review of your work and amounts to us reading it and giving suggestions on the content and whether it is in line with our doctrinal beliefs. We will make no changes to the manuscript. This service costs $40. (51% of this will go directly to the outreach ministries in Toledo, Ohio and is considered a tax deductible donation.)

Level Two- We will read the manuscript and make relatively thorough suggestions for grammar punctuation, and other editing. We will mark up a copy of the manuscript. No changes we suggest will actually be made to the manuscript and no suggested changes will be required in order for the manuscript to be published by us in the long run. However, making suggested changes to your manuscript is likely to make your manuscript more ready for publication. This service is to provide you with a marked up copy of your manuscript so you can go back and make the edits yourself as you see fit (or don’t your choice.) This level of exploration and suggestions for your manuscript costs $.025/word or $25 per 1000 words (51% of this will go directly to the outreach ministries in Toledo, Ohio and is considered a tax deductible donation.)

We are required to collect taxes on the 49% that is collected by Fog and Moon. The tax rate will be 7.25% and will be reflected on your invoice.

Where the money goes:

$.025 per word

51 % to Ministries and Missions:

               16% to Southside life Station                                    16% to Firestorm Church planting

                7% to New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church          6% to Northwest Ohio Baptist Association                            6% to the Cooperative Program

                                                                                          49% remainder

                                                                  40% to Editor reading and marking up manuscript

                                                                         9% to Fog and Moon General Budget


You need not avail yourself of either of these services. If your manuscript is ready for publication and meets our requirements then we will notify of acceptance and you will be given a final agreement.

Sample Books 
All of the books are available under the store tab above or through amazon at the links listed.  
 In the dark of the night, something begins and something ends. In one moment, suspended in the middle, a search for answers leads to an ultimate climax. ...
Watch the trailer video here. Trailer
Buy it here.

 A first installment in Christian discipleship which asks and answers from the scripture, why are so many people so unhappy and how can I stop being one of them. This is a candid discussion of repentance, what it is and how it leads to integrity and joy. Buy it here

This is  a candid discussion of how to rethink becoming a more powerful Christian, experience hope and authority in the Kingdom of God by working through your Bible and this text.  Buy it here.
 Think Again 3: Putting Money In Its Place by [Stevenson, Daniel, Shope, Richard]
Think Again 3: Putting Money in its Place. This a candid discussion of how to get your money under control so that money or the pursuit of money does not interfere with your service to God and your life lived to the fullest. But it here: Link 
This book is a How-to on running great Role Playing games. This is not the fool's guide. It is a text for making genuinely interested GMs into great GMs. The material can be implemented a chapter at a time to help a GM enhance an ongoing gaming experience without starting over. The book includes chapters on various aspects of running a Role Playing game such as Non-Player characters, props, prepping for a session, The illusion of Choice, and delivery. A bonus chapter addresses the issue of God and gaming. This long standing issue is discussed in a way that should be interesting to anyone who has ever encountered this debate. Buy it here.
Brandy Young Sorceress; Treasure of the Ogre Mystic, Part 1 was released in August, 2016. This begins Brandy's first adventure. She meets an interesting party of friends and learns of the bizarre coincidences that bring them all together. She is forced to employ every ounce of her magical ability to save them and herself. Buy it here. 
 Brandy Part 2
 Brandy Young Sorceress Part2 Treasure of the Ogre Mystic was released at Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis  Indiana. 
In this book Brandy continues her adventure in search of the treasure of the Ogre Mystic as she and her band face difficult challenges and unexpected distractions.  
Buy it Here.
 Brandy: Young Sorceress Part 3: Search for the treasure of the ogre mystic (Adventures in the Low Moonian Universe)
Brandy 3: This third installment of the Brandy story was released at Gen Con 51. Brandy and her friends continue their quest. Buy it here. Link
Brandy 4: This is the Fourth and Final installment of the Brandy adventure. High in the mountains of tha most danerous parts of the world, Brandy and her companions encounter theire greatest challenge. Brandy will have to unleash her growing connection with magic and rely on her mysterious benefactor more than she'd like to survive. It's the end of the beginning. Buy it here. Link 
Things Were Different Back Then: Victor Barrister Old School Knight 
In this story, written at a preteen reading level Sir Victor and older night, explains the way things used to be to Bonno a young up and coming knight. Late the night before Bonno is to be knighted (or not) Sir Victor comes to Bonno's chambers with a story to tell. It is a story that will be healing to them both. This book is large Print and easier language but an intriguing story welcoming to all readers. Pick up and read Things Were Different Back Then.
Brandy Young Sorceress: Set in the Adventures in Low Moon Universe-this is the story of a young sorceress released from her apprenticeship unexpectedly early. Her days as star pupil falling away fast, Brandy is forced to take a job with an adventuring party searching for a treasure which is supposedly sitting unguarded in one of the most hostile regions of the world. She will have to prove herself while struggling within herself. A strange unknown benefactor increase her odds but she will be pushed to her limits while she tries to grow up on the road to glory or death in Brandy: Young Sorceress available here. 
 Image result for a climax of painful secrets stevenson
A Climax of Painful Secrets: This is a fantasy book set in present day Science Fiction/Fantasy following The Moment: Blood Bowl. Paladins race to thwart the efforts of the cultists and demonic forces.  Buy it here. Link
 A Climax of Painful Secrets: Castle Rescue-On the way to store an artifact in cold storage the team loses contact with the cold storage which is located in an old tourist trap castle ruin. Sinister forces are surely at work. Link
Prince Albert Series:
 Albert and the Ruts: Prince Albert Meets His Queen by [Stevenson, Daniel]Prince Albert and the Woman in the Woods: He Can Conquer DemonsAlbert and the Dog Men: Let the Beasts Fear the King (Prince Albert Book 3)Prince Albert Versus Blood Vile: Good Must Be Done
These books are available only on Kndle Ebook. Click here to see them all. Each is a short bards' tale about a famous good-hearted prince.  Hopefully by June 2020 there will be nearly 100. Interested in writing and donating some stories in this series? Email Pastor Dan at Kindle Daniels did and he wrote this awesome two part short story:
Hopefully Coming Soon:
 Zombie Squad Part One
Think Again Book 1 Second Edition
How to Be a Great Player
Think Again All-in-one
Nurture One Leadership Life Coaching
Pastor Daniel Stevenson is a certified Life coach through leader Break Thru. Life Coaching helps individuals think deeply and consider their life course. It helps unlock potentional. It does not provide counsel, train, or direct. It helps the individual come to their own conclusions by asking the right questions to facilitate critical decision making and provide a measure of encouragement and growth support for the individual. Certified life coaches assist in growth of leadership potential and unleashing the individual to move forward to the next step. 
Leadership Life Coaching is available for the following fees:
Demands for time amongst Leadership Life Coaches is always high. Please schedule your orientation session as far in advance as possible. This is not crisis counseling (or counseling at all) but serviced based developmental coaching.  
Orientation: By Phone or in Person Roughly 30 minutes   $40.00
Leadership Life Coaching per session: Roughly 45 Minutes  $50.00 (Requires Orientation unless waived by Pastor Daniel Stevenson)
Reach out to Pastor Daniel Stevenson at