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  18 boys from 11 Toledo neighborhoods became part of 110 Total boys to attend Camp Ucan. Many made first time decisions for Christ. They were met by professional sports stars, coaches,a nd mentors. swam, hiked, basketball, and flag football. It was awesome, praise God. Pastor Dan and RJ survived and were blessed beyond measure, though grateful to get a good night's sleep. Look for this awesome event again next year. 
Tuesday nights are short worship time, wacked-out simple stuff message and a Biblical message on Christian growth. We are attempting live on Facebook as well. 
Upcoming Back to School bash celebration later in August---Aug 27th 4-6P-free school supplies while they last, cookout, coloring contest art displayed AND winners with ribbons, Door prizes, reminder coming through texting service...<. If you have not signed up for texting updates, text INFO to 419.419.0095 to be added so you will get our updates about upcoming events.  
About New Heights Fellowship
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Life Station: A ministry of Northwest Ohio Baptist Association
Food, Clothing, encouragement, volunteer opportunities
As we work together to overcome with Good the evils of poverty, hunger, Loneliness, and hopelessness Call our call center or click the link above for more information. 419-242-3340
We have never stopped our services. Sundays 11:30AM.  However,  unless the Lord specifically leads, we will NOT be cancelling worship. We will NOT be requiring or requesting people to wear masks.  Please do not attend if you have a fever.
We will attempt a live streaming of the services with full legal licensing on Facebook. The live streaming is a weak substitute for worship in-person I know, but it is probably a profitable substitute if for some reason you cannot attend.
 Service Sunday 11:30AM 
Please Download our ap in your ap store by searching Life4Toledo. This is a combined app for the Southside Life Station, Northwest Ohio Baptist Association, and New Heignts. Free Rightnow media, podcast, encouragement, volunteer application, food delivery application, gift giveaways, and more are in the app. 
New Heights has partnered with Rightnow Media to give a subscrition to this awesome service. You can click here to sign up for a free subscrition through June of 2024 at least. Tens of thousands of streaming Bible sudy and other informative videos plus thousands of kids video episodes. They WILL NOT take your information to charge you later when the subscription expires. IT IS FREE paid for by New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church of East Toledo, Life Station, and Firestorm Church planting/Life Station. You may use this service on any streaming device such as ROKU, Firestick, your cell phone or tablet. FREE!
Link to sign up:  Click Here!
feel Free to give this service to others who are interested in reaching new heights in Jesus. Tell them to text NHFBCT to 49775. 
Why New Heights?
We believe that every person is on a journey and we believe that the purpose of that journey is to come into a personal relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ and then to spend the rest of your life growing in that relationship. Every person is at a unique place in their journey but we can work together as a church family to help one another to reach new heights in Jesus. Even though your journey is unique and your place on your journey is unique so that your next step is unique you have something to offer to help others grow to their next step. Jesus is the leader of the church and if people are willing individually to grow to new heights in Him then we are all strenghthened and built up into what He is leading us to. Let us reach new heights in Jesus together!
Fog and Moon Books: We can help you get your message in print. You can donate works you would like to see in print. You can write for our Prince Albert Series. Click the link above for more infomation.