Core Values

New Heights Toledo Core Values
The core values of a person or body of people are those things that he/she/they stand for. They are the things upon which there is no compromise. Though words are often inadequate to describe concepts such as these, herein an attempt has been made...

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Accountability
Matthew 18 describes a system for accountability. When a brother/sister sins against God he/she should be brought to accountability by the first Christian who becomes aware of it. The point is that even though we are individually accountable for our own actions before God we also have a responsibility to help each other grow in the Lord. Sin is our enemy. Accountability also applies to inaction in that when someone is failing to act in the best interest of the Kingdom, someone else has a responsibility to bring it to their attention. Would love be letting a brother continue in ignorance and then to see them stand before God and answer for it, all the while having every opportunity to intervene? No, we must hold one another accountable as best we are able with the help of the Holy Spirit.

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Involvement
This is a kingdom value. All of God's people of every age should have an opportunity to participate in kingdom work at whatever level and through whatever means they are able. The burden for involvement falls to all. 1 Peter 2:5 has a great message about living stones. Living stones support other stones and allow other stones to support them. It is humbling to be served by another and humility is required to live up to the Core Value Involvement. Every mission is designed to allow involvement of all (as much as is possible.) People are valuable! The work must be done. God empowers his people to be involved in His work.

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Compassion
Jesus modeled this core values best of all. He gave everything he had to redeem us. He left heaven! He had it all and then he was naked and bloody, cold and poor. He lived a sinless life and died a sinner's death. He went through pain and anguish the likes of which we can not comprehend. The bottom line is we should stop at nothing to demonstrate the love of God to others.Matt 22:39-Love your neighbor as yourself.

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Respect
Respect is Loving your neighbor as yourself. It is recognizing other people's value. It is honoring authority as God has invested it in others and yourself. This requires a concern for the feelings and development of others. Humans have inherent value having been made in the image of God. Respecting others is respecting God.

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Wisdom
This is about God's truth saving the world. God gave us his inspired word and we must live it out. If it is Truth it belongs to God and should be justly administered with mercy and grace. God's wisdom is not limited to specific topics or specific times. Wisdom is the ability to apply God's word to the times at hand, looking to God for deliverance and sustenance.

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Self-Control/Purity
Individuals are responsible for their behavior and all humans will stand before God to answer for their actions in this life. We are ultimately individually responsible and that is where Self-control comes in. We mustn't discount the role of the Holy Spirit who for the first time when we are saved allows us to choose not to sin against God. However, God does not restrict freedom of choice and all people are responsible to control themselves to the best of their ability refraining from activities that reflect poorly on the church and Christ.

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Patience
It is important for the followers of Jesus Christ to be considerate of the weaknesses of others that might result in performance below our own standards. Impatience is not a mark of sacrificial love. We are to be understanding in patience while we also are to help others grow. Patience and Grace are tied closely together. Imagine if God was not patient with us. 2 peter 3:9

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Family
In a Post-modern world where the word family has morphed to include so many different definitions one would think that people would readily accept the concept of a family the size of the church. This is about church family and biological family. The family is a God-given institution. Marriage and child-rearing are noble institutions given to man to better serve the Lord. A man may better represent the Lord on this earth when he is partnered with the mate that God intends for him and vice versa. Parents are responsible for/to their children and vice versa. Church activities should promote Family values as should church structure. Brothers and sisters in Christ should serve one another as true brothers and sisters would in a world properly responding to God's greatness.

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Faithfulness
This is standing for your beliefs-not surrendering under trials. It means we believe that the bible teaches that Christians will remain faithful to their Lord and Savior even in the face of extreme opposition. Times may be coming when being faithful may be harder and harder. Stand your ground. We will study the word. We will worship the Lord. We will BE the church despite any opposition.

New Heights Toledo Core Value of Truth/Honesty
Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life. The only truth that can save souls is Jesus. However, we are to persuade men to be reconciled to God and in the pursuit of that mission we must be honest. To bear false witness is a sin in any case. Most important is that we respect others who are made in God's image by being honest with one another. All things will be revealed in time and we must value honesty and truthfulness today. John 14:6, 2 Cor 5:18