In you are looking for a new church home or even considering looking for a new church home here are some thoughts on the Biblical standards on a church followed by a link to look at information on or to contact local Northwest Ohio Baptist Association. 
 How to Select a local church

1)      Don’t Pick a local church on the basis of beauty of its building, the size of its choir of the convenience of its location

2)      Don’t choose a local church merely because it is where your family has always gone or because it is where your friends go now.

3)      Don’t take a church for granted. Ask questions about what the church believes or practices. Ask for a church articles of faith or constitution.

4)      A church must believe:

a.       Jesus is God-that He is the second person of the Trinity

b.      Salvation from sin is by grace through faith

1.      W/o works, merit, ceremonies, by FAITH ALONE!

c.      They must practice Baptism and Communion/ The Lord's Supper-Though not to save

d.      Inspiration of the Bible

1.      Trustworthy, Relevant, inerrant, complete written revelation of God to man, not specific to only one translation but attributing the aspects to all translations

5)      Healthy balance of three programs

a.      Teaching the Bible

b.      Emphasis on Evangelism

c.      Relationships encouraging love

1.      On a closer level than as a large group

Scriptures to look at:

Ephesians 1:22-23, Col 1:18, Acts 2:41-42, Hebrews 10:25, Rev 1:20

The lesson above is based on a lesson derived from The Healthy Christian Life The Minirth-Meier Clinic Bible Study Guide by Frank Minirth, Paul Meier, Richard Meier, and Don Hawkins.