The Following Quiz is over information concerning Food safety. You are welcome to take the quiz. Participants who get the quiz in will be considered for the training. If you are chosen for the training a phone call will be scheduled and one of our call center agents will go over the material with you. You will be asked to take the quiz again after the material. You will receive some additional resources for completing the material and the second quiz. These will consist of groceries AND kitchen-useful items such as utensils or supplies. Thank you in advance for your time. 
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Number of adults in household?*
Number of Children in household?*
Houshold income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.*yes income   No, income above   
How often should you wash your cutting boards, dishes, utensils, and countertops with hot soapy water? Choose the best answer. *One time before meal preparation    Before and After meal preparation    Before meal preparation, between preparing each separate food item    
As often as you think about it    
Raw Chicken should be rinsed under cold, running water before preparing. T/F *True, Rinse Chicken   False, Don't rinse chicken   
A clean Terri Cloth towel is a good tool to use to wipe down counters etc. when preparing to cook. T/F *True, A Clean Towel is good   False, NEVER use a towel   
Which of the following is the best practice (Pick one)?*
Foods can be used after the dates printed on the container. T/F *
It is recommended to wash Pots and Pans first while suds are still strongest. T/F? *
Which is the best answer? *
Cooking Chicken to 155 Degrees is sufficient to kill bacteria. T/F? *
Which of the following is the safest way to determine if Chicken is cooked thoroughly? *
You can smell or taste harmful bacteria in food. T/F? *
Food is safely cooked when it browns thoroughly OR after the instructed cooking time has been reached. T/F?*
When ordering food delivered choose the best answer: *
Food borne illnesses can be caused by improperly filling the refrigerator. True/False*
In research conducted by the USDA more than ____ of people did not properly clean or sanitize counters before or after meal prep. What number do you think goes in the blank?*
What fraction of Americans get sick from contaminated foods and drinks every year? Choose the best answer. *
The following are all good ways to reduce costs and waste less food. T/F True Plan meals and use shopping lists. Think about what you are buying and when it will be eaten. Check the fridge and pantry to avoid buying what you already have. *
What temperature is recommended for refrigerated foods?*
What temperature is recommended for your frozen foods?*
When serving foods to guests do not leave perishable foods out for more than two hours unless you are keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Treu/False*
Meat should be rapid thawed so it does not stay between 40 and 140 degrees and become unsafe. T/F*
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