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About Us

We believe that every person is on a journey. We believe that God calls people to take the next step in their journey trusting in Him. We believe that at New Heights Fellowship God is assembling kingdom-minded believers who want to reach New Heights in Christ.

Key Verse

1 John 1:3 We proclaim what we have seen and heard that you may have fellowship with us and our fellowship is with God the father and His son Jesus Christ.

This is why we gather as a church-to proclaim to one another and to the world the good that we have seen in God. He is working and calls all people to witness His works of grace and mercy toward us. If we can do that then we have honored Him.

Our Vision

New Heights Fellowship is a people of God dedicated to seeing people come to know Christ as Lord and savior. We will be meeting in our own facility impacting the surrounding community with purpose of reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church is the people not the building they meet in and as such you may run into New Heights Fellowship on your block.

Our current vision statement is as follows:

As New Heights Fellowship we will be a compassionate and loving church in Christ; a beacon of light in the darkness, motivated to teach the Word of God in and throughout our communities and beyond.

As a family of Christ we will strive to serve Him in all we do! Amen

We feel it is clear the bible teaches that the mission of the church is one of delivering the message of reconciliation between God and man.

That being said, New Heights Fellowship votes as a church body (usually monthly) on a church mission. This is designed to be something that the whole membership can participate in. We believe that no member is too young or too old to participate in the mission and ministries of God's Kingdom.

Firestorm Church Planting and Evangelism Network:

A Firestorm is a fire that burns in such a way as to produce its own wind system. This continually fuels the fire with oxygen which in turn makes it burn hot and long until everything inside it is burnt. It's a devastating thing really.

New Heights believes this is the image of God's Spirit movement in the Toledo Area. God will work as His people work to touch everything and everyone in the Toledo area. Believers who have been waiting for a movement of God's Spirit will jump on board as the Firestorm takes off. We want your help to get the firestorm started!

Our Church 

New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church of East Toledo has been serving our community since September of 2005.

Northwood High School: March of 2006 to July 24th, 2007  613 Main St since November of 2007. We were a mission church started by East Toledo Baptist Church. We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist convention and Northwest Ohio Baptist Association. We signed our constitution May 22, 2016.

Personal Trainer Program 

New Heights Fellowship wants to see people reaching new Heights in Jesus whether they are attending New Heights Fellowship or not. We train our adult members to prepare to help others grow. Rather than just inviting everyone "to church" and then sitting back concerned that they did not come, we offer a personal trainer to anyone who is willing to have one. Adult members of the church are asked to participate. So, if you want to grow, whether you will ever attend new heights or not, if you do not have a church home of your own, get in touch with us and we will see about assigning you a personal trainer. We believe that working together, people reach new Heights in Jesus more readily. Ephesians four seems to say that as every person in the body does their part every person in the body grows in strength and capability. 
Spiritual discipline focus
We emphasize spiritual disciplines. A Spiritual discipline is something you can exercise to bring yourself more in line with God. It is a not a work unto salvation or a work after salvation done outside of God. It is a thing, usually that God has commanded us to do, that can be used to grow stronger in your walk with the Lord. For a six month period of time we focus on one discipline. We talk about it in our classes on top of our normal lessons, talk about it in our worship services, and emphasize ways people can be more aggressive in practicing the Spiritual Discipline in question. 
Doctrine: We believe every point of the Baptist Faith and Message.  You can click here to read, print, or download a copy: ./Southern Baptist Convention _ The Baptist Faith and Message.pdf 

We are looking for church mission teams!

Why is Toledo the place to go for you mission team?

  1. We can provide housing at the Life Station for free. There is a kitchen, three showers, and AC. 
  2. We can accommodate trips of varying lengths.
  3. We have activities at the Life Station all week long.
  4. God is moving in His urban church planting movement in Toledo.
  5. We are trying to impact a 1 per 6300 ratio of evangelical churches to citizens in Lucas County.
  6. People are accepting Christ and being changed from the inside out in Toledo (That's what you want to be a part of.)

Contact Pastor Dan Stevenson at 419-469-8808 or afamilyofgod@bex.net