New Heights Toledo Ministries


Gate Crashers: This is Bible Study, Memorization, Service, Fellowship, and Recreation for teens who want to follow Jesus. The Gatecrashers are on a special summer schedule with special activities including a camp trip for those who qualify. To get involved you need to see a leader at one of our services. The concept of Gate Crashers is based on Matt 16:18-The Gates of hell shall not prevail against us. JV gate crashers is 7th and 8th grade while Varsity is 9-12th grades. Along with Kim Thompson, Sherri Stevenson, Kary Brister, Kris Mitchell, and Tony Brister work to provide interactive and attention grabbing bible studies for involved students.

Gate Crashers Young Adults: This active group of young adults meets to go deep in the word of God and find real answers that are relevant to today. They are also on a special summer schedule and will meet for Bible, Recreation, and actively participating in each other's lives. The Young adults facilitate their own discussion. Child care is usually provided and this is an active group growing in numbers as well as in spiritual maturity.

GODZ KIDZ: This is Ministry and involvement for children of all ages. Nursery and Pre-school available on Sunday mornings for message time. Children stay with adults during worship segment. Pre-school and School-aged children have age-appropriate lessons Sunday mornings.


Preschool and Nursery Team: This loving bunch of workers keeps a lively decorated space and teach a little something every Sunday. Social interaction and loving care for the nursery which is the 0-3yr olds and preschool which is 3-5yr olds. Pre-schoolers and Nursery aged children remain with teh ir parents for hte first part of worshpi and then are released to their age appropriate rooms.

Music Team: The music team sees there purpose in the kingdom to train the church to utilize music in all it's variety. Children are taught music basics and all congregation members are taught to appreciate God's gift of music. Tim Mitchell (music team leader) leads in searching out God's purposes for music and its many uses in the church.

Praise Team: The praise team is contemporary in nature. Tim Mitchell (Music team Leader) plays guitar, Jenny Mitchell on base guitar, Ron Mack on drums, Kary Brister and Allecia Shope lead in vocals and play piano and acoustic guitar, and Amalya Hartley on lead vocals. The praise team desires to worship God. These servants are working to help the collected body worship God to the fullest of their ability. Recruiting singing and musician able followers of the Lord...

Tech Team: This team is responsible for the use of technology by the church body to better the lives of the members as well as to further the success of the various ministry teams. This is a growing area and persons with willingness and/or training to works with electronics, the internet, and other aspects of technology are desperately needed. This team is faithful in its service role and is growing both in need and numbers.

Christian Games Team: Ron Mack II heads up this team in its efforts to enrich the lives of the body through games. These things were given to us to enjoy... This team is responsible for the table top Games ministry. Star Wars events are held often and other events are common. Role Playing and Board game events are scheduled almost every week with three or more on-going roled playing campaigns. This group visits Bash Con every year to show the love of God to gamers. Fellowships often include boardgames and stategic war games as well as volleyball etc. Gamers in Action is an arm of this ministry that seeks to organize events including foam weapon fighting events to get gamers active together.


Soldiers of the Sanctuary (B/G): This team is responsible to maintain the building and keep it ready for use. Led by Mike Brister this team has been instrumental in renovating our new building and continues to work to provide the best place for worship and service. We are grateful that God has arranged the qualified individuals of this team to serve the Body's needs in this area. This is Pastor Dan's blog. This is updated often and includes creative and unique views on biblical principles and musings on Christian Living. Check it out!

Revitalization Projects: This outreach effort which is in search of a new team leader seeks to match volunteers in the community, the church, and other churches with needs in the community which can be met. Major projects such as home rennovations are not the norm but as this ministry grows we would love to see the commuinty transformed as people realize that they can do for one another and that others in the community care for them. This ministry has considerable economic impact as persons are helped to learn new and marketable skills. Unemployed persons are given the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. We expect that many citizens will benefit from the Revitalization projects. A special thank you to our many supporters from the community.

Outreach Advocates: Our Missions TEAM leader is Allecia Shope and she works to plan the missions of the church and the TEAM missions if needed. She enlists volunteers as workers and to get the supplies for our missions and sees that they run smoothly to better our community.

Community Events: Our members work to meet the needs of the Community and show God's Love to others through Block Parties, food distribution, Community Clean up, School supply give aways, and other events throughout the year.


Southside Life Station: This ministry is actually a ministry of the NWOBA. Many New Heights members participate in this ministry. Located at 402 South St. in Toledo the Life Station has a weekly food distribution worship service. Persons attend worship and listen to the word and receive an emergency supply of food. Toiletries are also given but only every other month. Persons in the 43609 area code are elligible to receive food supplies once monthly by attending this service. The Life Station also hosts a clothing pantry which is open on Tuesday morning 10-12 following a devotional. The Life Station heavily emphasizes Bible Teaching realizing that living by the Principles in God's word is the surest way to build a firm foundation to a stable life. In 2012 over 1300 families were helped with immediate emergency food assistance. Referrals are accepted from known churches and local help agencies from all over the city. The Life Station continues primarily on the good graces of God but His faithfulness to provide persons who will donate financially and/or supplies has been amazing. If you would be interested in donating supplies or financially to this critical ministry please contact the Life Station at 419-243-1255. In any case, please pray that God's ministry in this way will continue as persons are accepting Christ through this ministry almost weekly.

5th sunday Fellowships: This is a 2014 initiative to involve members and any community members who want to join in a fun activity on the fifth Sunday of any month. This results in several times this year activities being scheduled for informal fellowship and recreation.
Pictures of the March 5th Sunday are in an allbum located here: Pictures