This is a short video made at the end of revival week. Thanks and Praise to God for an amazing outpouring of His Spirit. 
Above is a March 2020 short devo video on Righteousness by Pastor Dan. 

 Above is the You Tube video that has been viewed over 5000 times for Pastor Dan's book The Moment: Blood Bowl. Check it out. The book is available for purchase in Paperback or Hard Cover all around the world. Request it at your local book store or buy it on-line if the Lord so leads. Below is the New Heights Ink Man video. It tells a little bit about what kind of church New Heights Baptist Church in Toledo is. 

From the sermon below "A Pair of Freaks in a Bubble Together, Forever...": 
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RJ on Yes FM on May  25th: Morning Munch 5/25/2019
RJ on Yes FM on May 24th: Morning Munch 5/24 /2018
Pastor Dan on Yes FM on May 23rd: Morning Much 5/23/2018
Pastor Dan on Yes FM on May 22nd: Morning much 5/22/2018
Pastor Dan on Yes FM on May 21st: Morning Munch 5/21/2018 
Below is a sample sermon from vasrious texts concerning the trial of Jesus. Was his trial fair? Is there a legitimate trial and who is on tiral? What if anything should we do about it?
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Below is from MAD House August 30, 2019. Zombies win over and over again. 
Some Newspaper Articles that talk about New Heights

Here's a Blade article about New Heights

Here's a Press article about New Heights

New Heights to receive Heffner school Blade article

Blade article about Life Station  

New Heights has also been featured in the Ohio Baptist Messenger on at least two occasions as well.