Above is the You Tube video that has been viewed over 5000 times for Pastor Dan's book The Moment: Blood Bowl. Check it out. The book is available for purchase in Paperback or Hard Cover all around the world. Request it at your local book store or buy it on-line if the Lord so leads. Below is the New Heights Ink Man video. It tells a little bit about what kind of church New Heights Baptist Church in Toledo is. 

From the sermon below "A Pair of Freaks in a Bubble Together, Forever...": 
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RJ on Yes FM on May  25th: Morning Munch 5/25/2019
RJ on Yes FM on May 24th: Morning Munch 5/24 /2018
Pastor Dan on Yes FM on May 23rd: Morning Much 5/23/2018
Pastor Dan on Yes FM on May 22nd: Morning much 5/22/2018
Pastor Dan on Yes FM on May 21st: Morning Munch 5/21/2018 
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 Feb 5, 2017:  
 Hosea   Feb 5, 2017  
 Hosea Ch 6 a   sample  Jan 22, 2017  

 Hosea ch 6 at full length Jan 22, 2017   

 Hosea on Loyalty
 Jan 29, 2017  

 Hosea on loyalty full length  Jan 29, 2017  
 Sample  Feb 8, 2017     

  Full length  Feb 8, 2017  

 Sample  Feb 26, 2017  
 Full Length  Feb 26,2017  

Full Length NH  March 12th, 2017  

 Sample  March 12th, 2017  

 Life Station Monday March 13th, 2017  
"Short Cuts" by P. Dan  July 16, 2017  

 July 22, 2017  

 "On the Way Out" 1 Kings 19:15-21  Sept. 3rd, 2017 NH  
"The Value of a Man" James 2 P. Dan  Sept 11, 2017  

 "Wayward Searching" 2 Kings 1:1-16  Sept. 17, 2017 NH  
 "A Pair of Freaks in a Bubble together, Forever." 2 Kings 2:1-15  October 1st, 2017 NH  
 "Reflecting on Death" Genesis 50:1-26  October 22, 2017 NH  
Jerome Bush at the Life Station "Join Us." October 30th, 2017 NH  
 "Un-Surprised" New Heights Fellowship Isaiah 59  Nov 13th, 2017 NH  
 Randy Bohlke at Life Station  Nov 17th, 2017 LS  

 Life Station "The View From the Edge of the Camp"  Nov 20th, 2017 LS  
 New Heights James Ch 1 Troubles RJ Shope  Nov 19th, 2017 NH  

 Life Station
"Coloring in the Lines" 
 Nov 27th, 2017  


 "Broken Dreams" Dueteronomy 9:1-11:1  Jan 14, 2018  
 "Accordingly"  Jan 21, 2018  
 "Forgotten Fire" Matt 3:10-17  Jan 28, 2018  
"Follow the Winner" 2 Thess 1:1-10  February 4, 2018  
 "That One Thing..." Rick Morris   February 5, 2018  
 Engage: Things God has Led Us to fo Differently  February 3, 2018  
 Godly Intervention: Evidences God is at Work   February 3, 2018