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We have never stopped our services. Sundays 11:30AM. We will take steps to enact all of the protocols recommended by the CDC and the Governor of Ohio However,  we will NOT be cancelling worship. We will be requesting you wear a mask unless you are actively worshipping or doing ministry. We ask you to wear one when working with the public.  Do not attend if you have a fever.
We will attempt a live streaming of the services with full legal licensing on Facebook. We will also record the service as we usually do and it the entire service will come up on Podcastgarden.com/podcast/nhf by the afternoon. The live streaming is a weak substitute for worship in-person I know, but it is probably the next best thing if for some reason you cannot attend.
Giving can be accomplished on-line, by texting GIVE to 419.419.0095, or by mail. If you need someone to pick up your offering or make other arrangements please let us know. Members should be staying in touch by every possible means with one another in order to help each other through this time.
Recap: Service Sunday 11:30AM. Bring a mask but do not allow it to interfere with your worship. 
Click her to see our Corona virus protocols: Covid Protocols Document.pdf
We will continue to post updates here as the situation changes. For now, eveyone who may not have done so already needs to Like the New Heights facebook page, subscribe to the New Heights podcastgarden page, set up electronic tithing/giving, prayefully consider attending Sunday, AND actively pray for and serve other members and our neighbors as God has commanded. 
This isn't over yet but we're almost done. :) See sermon below... 
New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church of East Toledo 255 Heffner St. Toledo OH 43605 419-469-8808
Why New Heights?
Thaks to God, we're trying to get it right. The RIghteousness of God...God made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. It takes effort, it takes loving one another past the limitations of whatever step we're on right now. God's got this. We can work together so that each of us can reach teh next step. We have been given the freedom and the encouragment to live right for the Lord. We can do it. Of course, as is His plan we are stronger together as HIs people, the church. 
In the New Testament the word church means the assembly of the called out ones. Together, we are recognizing our call and living it out. Let's do this! 
Please come and work with us to reach new heights in Jesus as we spread the truth about Him and serve from wherever we are on our journey. We can do it together. 
See ya,
   Pastor Daniel Stevenson New Heights Fellowship 
New Bible Study details
Adults: Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 opposite TEAM kid
These are effective August, 2020 and ongoing
Tuesday Adult Bible Study will be studying the Book of Malachi.
Feel free to join us for these. 
   We are on Facebook.
We have a texting service. 
Text INFO to 419.419.0095 
It's not a text group like other text groups. You won't receive anything anyone else sends and you will receive a few updates per month at most about stuff we have going on. Click here to see other things you can do by texting 419.419.0095 Here. 
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In this sermon from Hebrews 6- The writer has addressed how to transition from the simpler teachings of Christ to the deeper teaching of Christ. Many Christians, it would seem never do so. A dangerous possibility is that Christians attempt to move forward without leaving in place the foundational teachings of Christ. This sermon talks about how to move forward maintaining that foundation in Christ.   #reachingnewheightsinjesus, #newheightstoledo, churchtoledo.com 

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New Heights Toledo Pastor Dan's comment

In light of the current world-wide Epidemic (Don't quote me as news) there must be a faithful way to deal with what we are going through. There are Christians who are saying that they know that God will protect them from the virus and others are saying that the virus is not what it appears to be. 

 I've heard enough of all of that to last me a life time and thanks to Jesus I will live for an eternity. 
The virus is what it is. It is a disease that kills some people and leaves other ill for a period of time. In theory, no one  is immune to its efffect and/or the accompanying tragedy.
The problem is that we have lived such ease that having to work through some of these things comes as more of a challenge than it should. We have thought that we were safe in our "American castle." Our emminant domain has served us well but there are very real threats that geography can not or prosperity cannot protect from. 
We MUST take steps to protect ourselves but at the same time there are still things that are infinitely important. You must wash your hands regularly (this should have been the case before but is SOO much more important now). You must not knowlingly infect others and even must restrain contact to the very important times because you might be a carrier and feel perfectly fine. washing, social distancing (within Godly parameters), and responsible management of your own illness are absolutely required. Where perviously, someone might have worked sick retaining their pay, even building their reputation as reliable, the heightened awareness over COVID-19 means that the person who does so is now seen clearly as the risktaker that he/she is. It's irresponsible to risk the health of others (now we mean lives) in order to better yourself, your employer, or your reputation. It is always wrong to risk others for you own gain. 
We now live in a world where even the heathen see that and they rage. However, we must also realize that there are those who will disregard the governmental mandates and put others at risk with logic like, "Well, whose going to pay my bills?" 
Courage and wisdom are the two sharp edges of a mighty sword that will carve a swath through the enemies of justice and mercy in this day. Flowery i know, but the bottom line is: God's people are supposed to be courageous and wise. Fear Not. Do what you have to do but set the standard as what God says you have to do, not what someone-anyone else says. 
They should love us because we are courageous but they won't. They will be irritated because we do what we believe we ought with no regard to how it makes them feel. They will grow angry and blame us for the world's problems and we will face persecution (hopefully willingly and gladly). I know this is true because Jesus said it is true. Still, someone will with one breath say that they are not upset with God or Christians and in another assail the air with curses or slanderous comments. It makes me sick how some people talk about our elected officials. There are some subtle attacks against the men who are doing the best they can under very difficult circumstances. They really should just say nothing but they won't. They are still living in a green tree day and attacking those who are doing their best even perhaps thinking they are doing the noble thing. I suppose there is a very real place for people expressing their discontent but my ears or in my hearing must not be that place, because I can hardly stand it. 
We should be wise. We must make the best decisions we possibly can and if for example, under these circumstances you are just learning to wash your hands properly and often then you are behind in the game. We should be wise and many of the things we are being called on to do are nothing but the things we should have been doing all along but in better and more consistent ways. You cannot run (because you must have courage) and you should be wise. 
All things are both physical and spiritual in nature. There are a lot of people practicing "arts" that influence the spiritual realm, trying to free their human spirit, working to influence the unknown. Christ has already mastered both the known and the unknown. If we allow HIm to master us we gain access to the unknown. I'm not saying that we will know more but we can learn how to deal with that which we do not know. Much in life is smoke and mirrors, shadow and mist and two things together are employed in the life of a Christian to sort these things out. They are Courage and Wisdom. 

The greatest wrong would be to die never having lived. Be courageous and wise under Christ and this is not likely to be the case. Jesus came so that we might live but in living not for ourselves but for Him who died for us. 
Practically speaking, wisdom means cutting out times of social interaction with ten or more people possibly spreading the virus. Wisdom means employing the suggested methods that the CDC says will slow the spread of the virus. 
However, not meeting together for worship is not really an option. We will meet at our normal time on Sundays for worship. We will sanitize the building, sanitize hands, work to remain 6 feet apart when possible, and instruct everyone who is ill with virus like symptoms to stay home and watch or listen to the service on line (giving electronically or mailing a check :) )
If you know what you are supposed to be doing then you must continue to do it in the face of oppostion. I know this will be a hardship for some and in some cases the risk would be great and so we are instructing every member to prayerfully consider what God would have them to do. Those fitting the higher risk profile should require God to tell them spefically that they should take the risk or they should stay home.  
God is in our midst. He is at work here. He is not done with you or me yet. There is work to be done to lead the world to Him. Do it right where you are. Start and don't stop. But, if God leads you to join a  fellowship like ours then we'll see you soon.    
Whether it is New Heights Fellowship Baptists Church of East Toledo or not, you are meant to function as part of a local body of believers. One of our Personal Trainers may be able to help you sort out which body, what is a body and what isn't, or you may just want to listen to the voice of God and let Him point you in the right direction. We are willing. He is patient. But it's time.  

Please accept the truth about Jesus Christ and begin anew today to live your life for Him. Then be wise and Courageous in Christ with response to Covid-19 and every other threat that comes along.

Hope to See ya Sunday,

Pastor Daniel R. Stevenson

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All gatherings are come as you are. All gatherings include a brief time of fellowship to get to know others. Drums, guitars, and digital piano are used to lead worship. Preaching is exposing the text (always BIBLE) with an invitation to respond. The church is the people. The people should be declaring God 24-7 by their actions and with their words. At least at the scheduled gatherings we come together in praise.

We are looking for church mission teams!

Why is Toledo the place to go for you mission team?

  1. We can provide housing at the Life Station for free. There is a kitchen.
  2. We can accomodate trips of varying lengths.
  3. We are actively planting three different locations and have activities at the Life Station all week long.
  4. God is moving in His urban church planting movement in Toledo.
  5. We are trying to impact a 1 per 6300 ratio of evangelical churches to citizens in Lucas County.
  6. People are accepting Christ and being changed from the inside out in Toledo (That's what you want to be a part of.)

Contact Pastor Dan Stevenson at 419-469-8808 or afamilyofgod@bex.net

Here's a link to an article that talks about the kind of church we are.

New Heights fellowship Toledo Church Contact

24 hours Monday - Sunday 419-469-8808



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New Heights Fellowship
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For any questions, please call 419-469-8808.

 If our location does not suit your needs, go to MYNWOBA.com.

On the other hand, if you want to participate in starting a new church in your area, please contact us.

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