Christmas parade was great! We had a decent turn out of faithful participants, threw lots of candy, Thank you Yark (TM) for donating the use of a new Pick up truck, and the SOS team for getting the stable and the manger ready as well as Wes' pick up truck decorated like a giant Christmas present. We handed a flier and gave a blessing to every spectator. 

On another note: 
New Heights Fellowship hosts Mad House on some Friday nights 7-9. This is an open fellowship time for local teens and families. Teens 7th grade and above may attend and participate without an adult chaperone. A signed code of conduct form is required for continued participation. The form may be printed here.  To be added to a texting service that will keep you informed about MADHOUSE activities Text MADH to 419.419.0095.

The current MADHOUSE rotation is active games every other meeting, with the in between meeting being board, role playing, collectible card games. card games, war games, and so on. The pool table will be available most nights. So, it's eveyother week with every other meeting being active games. Active games will usually include but not be limited to Dodge Ball using gator skin 8" dodge balls that can be thrown hard but do not hurt on impact.  

New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church of East Toledo 255 Heffner St. Toledo OH 43605 419-469-8808

It isn't over until it's over. In fact, you can rest assured-You haven't seen anything yet. God will do might works in our midst and continues to make His presence known. Our trials and tribulations do not compare to the riches in glory we are receiving. This is a church about reaching new heights in Jesus which basically means that everyone needs to realize we are all on a journey and we MUST work together in order for each of us to reach the next step. Don't quit, He won't quit on you. 
Please come and work with us to reach new heights in Jesus as we spread the truth about Him and serve from wherever we are on our journey. We can do it together. 
See ya,
   Pastor Daniel Stevenson New Heights Fellowship 
New Bible Study details
Adults: Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 opposite TEAM kid
Roving Wednesday Night study Adults 6:30pm location changing each week, house to house.
These are effective November 1, 2019 and ongoing
Tuesday Adult Bible Study will be studying the Book of Ephesians through November.
 Wednesdays Roving study will be  Studying The book of Phillipians and continuing a 365 devotional.       
               Attend or see Kary Gribble for more details.
Feel free to join us for these. 
Everything we do is hopefully an expression of love. Please feel free to share this around.
Like our facebook page and text INFO to 419.419.0095 to be included in our texting updates. 
                                     Recent (December 8th, 2019) Message
   As Joseph is anticipating his marriage to Mary he find out she is pregnant. He is basically a good guy with a strong sense of justice and so considers how best to handle the situation. Just as he is considering it and has come to a sort of a conclusion, an angel appears to him in a dream and talks to him about what he should do. God's plan is revealed somewhat and Joseph awake to do what he was told to do. This perhaps familiar aspect of the Christmas story will make you think about what kind of person you are, the pressure we are all under to do the right thing, and God's plan for dealing with that pressure.  
Phone: 419-469-8808
Text INFO to 419.419.0095 to sign up for updates.
Text GIVE to 419-419-0095 to give.
Text PARTNER to commit to partner in prayer or to be updated on ways you may partner.  
Some Newspaper Articles that talk about New Heights

Here's a Blade article about New Heights

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New Heights to receive Heffner school Blade article

New Heights has also been featured in the Ohio Baptist Messenger on at least two occasions as well. 

New Heights Toledo Pastor Dan's comment

New heights' people are encouraged to be attentive to God's leading. Recently, we had an example of how God can be working in two different people at the same time to bring about His intended plan. 

A man responded to the invitation in our Sunday service. This comes at the end of the service and after the message (usually.) He had walked forward to the front of the room and intended to speak. When he spoke his words were very genuine. He was crying out to God and repenting of what he had been doing. he said something about whether God was going to heal his life from the damage that he had been inflicting. 
We surrounded him in support, encouraged him, verbally forgave him, expressed the love of God. However, that wasn't enough for our God. 
The preschoolers entered the service at this time and waiting patiently in the back of the room, watched as he spoke.
The teacher then led the class forward to sing a song they had just learned about God's love and the love of His people. The teacher said, we were finishing up and I could feel God moving me to bring them in to sing. I didn't really want to but God told me to so we came. 
When the song was over, sung elegantly by one little girl while a younger boy clung to the teacher, God's people cheered, and the little girl gave the craft to the brother. 
God is in our midst. He is at work here. He is not done with you or me yet. There is work to be done to lead the world to Him. Do it right where you are. Start and don't stop. But, if God leads you to joina  fellowship like ours then we'll see you soon.  
Whether it is New Heights Fellowship Baptists Church of East Toledo or not, you are meant to function as part of a local body of believers. One of our Personal Trainers may be able to help you sort out which body, what is a body and what isn't, or you may just want to listen to the voice of God and let Him point you in the right direction. We are willing. He is patient. But it's time.  

Please accept the truth about Jesus Christ and begin anew today to live your life for Him.

Hope to See ya Sunday,

Pastor Daniel R. Stevenson

Check This out:


All gatherings are come as you are. All gatherings include a brief time of fellowship to get to know others. Drums, guitars, and digital piano are used to lead worship. Preaching is exposing the text (always BIBLE) with an invitation to respond. The church is the people. The people should be declaring God 24-7 by their actions and with their words. At least at the scheduled gatherings we come together in praise.

This summer has rocked!

Why is Toledo the place to go for you mission team?

  1. We can provide housing at the Life Station for free. There is a kitchen.
  2. We can accomodate trips of varying lengths.
  3. We are actively planting three different locations and have activities at the Life Station all week long.
  4. God is moving in His urban church planting movement in Toledo.
  5. We are trying to impact a 1 per 6300 ratio of evangelical churches to citizens in Lucas County.
  6. People are accepting Christ and being changed from the inside out in Toledo (That's what you want to be a part of.)

Contact Pastor Dan Stevenson at 419-469-8808 or

Here's a link to an article that talks about the kind of church we are.

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New Heights Fellowship
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Sunday 11:30AM (till about 1:15p), Tuesday 6:30PM (Worship and Bible Discussions)

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On the other hand, if you want to participate in starting a new church in your area, please contact us.

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