New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church of East Toledo believes that all people are on a journey. We SHOULD be working together to help one another. 
Here is an opportunity to share your thoughts in order that God might use them to help someone else. Please be Godly to the best of your ability. Everything here should be encouraging.  
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Posted by P Daniel Stevenson on 29-Mar-2021 at 14:59:37 EST
Subject: blessings of being His

I am blessed today as I go back and listen to a sermon on podcast garden from November of 2019 called "Can I Get a Witness?" in which I was blessed to preach about how we are blessed to be allowed to follow the commands of God and blessed to know the ramifications if we do not. Thank you God for giving us this grace. The sermon is located here.

Posted by P. Daniel Stevenson on 26-Mar-2021 at 10:02:17 EST
Subject: Tolerance

What is Godly Tolerance?<br>The world calls it "tolerance" but it's actually not tolerance at all. This 1-minute devotion uses Scripture to explain. <br><br>"Tolerance" means treating all people humanely even if we disagree with their beliefs. This kind of tolerance is a Christian principle (Matthew 7:12).<br><br>But our culture often uses the word tolerance to mean approval, acceptance, and favor for those whom they deem worthy; and disapproval, rejection, and disfavor for Christians who disagree with them.<br><br>That's not tolerance. It's bullying.<br><br>No one, absolutely no one, approves of all beliefs because beliefs conflict and contradict each other. If we all agreed, tolerance wouldn't be necessary. <br> <br>As we face increasing censorship, each of us must make a choice:<br>1. We can keep silent and make Jesus ashamed of us (Mark 8:38).<br>2. We can depend on our human reasoning and worldly philosophies that foolishly reject God's truths (Proverbs 3:5; 1 Corinthians 3:18-20).<br>3. Or we can love Jesus enough to stand for His truth, no matter the cost (1 John 5:3).<br><br>God's principles, truths, Word and ways are the purest wisdom. Nothing about them is hateful, impure, unloving, or wrong.<br><br>We can't force God on the world, but we must be careful not to let the world force their foolishness on us.

Posted by P. Daniel Stevenson on 18-Mar-2021 at 11:26:12 EST
Subject: Being His love

It's downright quizzical how easy it is for seemingly very regular agendas to interfere with our ability to love others the way we should. We may mean nothing by it but we're just busy doing what it is we think we should do or I suppose more often what it is we want to do. It's not that we're intentionally in sin or intentionally unloving we're just moved to some other course of action to fill our time and to avoid getting around to that which is really difficult. <br><br>Because of our frustrated God-image we are busy meeting our hierarchy of needs and exercising our attention span. We move from activity to activity, things that somehow make us feel whole but never get around to inconveniencing ourselve or sacrificing ourselves for the benefit of others. <br><br>This is why mankind has attempted to redefine love. Now people want love to be "thinking fondly of someone." That's way too self-centered. The love that God calls us to is so much more. <br><br>But sometimes it's just setting aside our own agendas and finding time to care more about that someone else that God has laid on our heart than doing the thing we had planned to do. Get un-busy with everything else and get busy loving each other in sacrificial ways. If we don't do this we lose that pathway to our best selves. <br><br>We'll get done the things we wanted to get done maybe even consider ourselves a success. We may be so entranced by the completion of our regular agenda points for a lifetime we might even miss the fact that we are failing daily to live out the image of God with which we are entrusted. <br><br>I suppose it could be put this way: practice your own agenda to the exclusion of God's agenda and you do so to your own peril. Thank you Lord for making salvation about denying yourself and following after you. Thank you for making us capable of loving others and doing so on your behalf. Thank you for making us able to see that when we are busy with our own agenda we just might be missing the most important thing of all. You are amazing. And with you in US we can be amazing as well. In Jesus' name, amen.

Posted by Tony Tate on 18-Mar-2021 at 11:09:36 EST
Subject: Salvation.

Lord jesus is hope, love, fruit, armour, BLESSED, faithfulness, truth, savior, Father,<br><br>satans agenda and the sons of disobedience who are trapped or willing under satans wicked and forever damned army of fallen forever angels enslaving spell over humanities sin is to abuse, misuse, and reuse then refuse them to know the true FATHER.<br><br>The one and only TRUE GOD AND FATHER his agenda is to nurture, provide, and protect who are his that are rescued from death and forever damnation by the pure, perfect, innocent and sinless obedience to death and resurrection at the cross; so that the FATHER can through his fullness and holy perfection, bring up his children to be everything he says they are and saw them to be.<br><br>Then in a twinkle of an eye his becoming bride (still not perfect yet) will go into HIS GLORY the living and the dead to receive THE ONE TRUE AND PURE LAMBS SACRIFICE; we will be FOREVER UNITED WITH GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE LORD AND SON JESUS, AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT.<br><br>Do you still feel unworthy, well none of us have HIS WORTHINESS in this frail and fallen and fallen into sin many times; all humanity will give an account of their rights and wrongs because in time the RIGHTEOUS LORD will leave nothing unpunished.<br><br>In our final defense on that day we have no more will over our body, and we will be moved from this life THE RIGHTEOUS one LORD JESUS will defend US, and we will be WHOLE AND PERFECT FOREVER IN CHRIST JESUS.<br><br>But to those who have refused the LORD JESUS will get to defend themselves and fight for their eternity and having no equal WITH THE CREATOR BEFORE ALL EXISTISTENCE will be banished from paradise and forever and eternally forever will be consumed under GOD'S WRATH AND JUST (for the LORD JESUS DID AND ALWAYS COMING PAID FOR ALL SIN) PUNISHMENT. <br><br>So merciful LORD, those who are yours or who can make that choice to be yours, WE are washed, wash us again, WE are saved, save us again, WE are righteous and holy BY CHRIST ALONE cause US and call US to be a people for your own purpose to glorify HIM ALONE, please HIM ALONE, and serve HIM ALONE.<br>GOD'S SAINTSsanctified byCHRIST JESUS GLORIFY- PLEASE-SERVE✝️HIM

Posted by P. Daniel Stevenson on 18-Mar-2021 at 11:07:15 EST
Subject: Family

Thom Mollohan shared a post on linked in: It's important to acknowledge the reality of brokenness in the modern family, but we mustn't lose sight of the ideal God has set for us in His Word. We must cherish, uphold, & fight for that ideal knowing that, because it reflects God & His glory, the world wages war against it.

Posted by P. Daniel Stevenson on 15-Mar-2021 at 20:52:50 EST
Subject: Standing Firm

Grant Castleberry tweeted on March 15th:<br><br>Sometimes in the Christian life your convictions will cost you treasured relationships.<br><br>That is what Jesus promised would happen. <br><br>Fathers would be even divided against sons. Mothers against daughters (Luke 12:53).<br><br>Despite the pain, keep following Jesus. Stand for the truth.

Posted by P. Daniel Stevenson on 15-Mar-2021 at 20:19:23 EST
Subject: Victory over old Demons

During my sermon on Sunday I felt led to make the point (or sub-point really) that there are no young Demons. They have all been around for a really long time. <br><br>They can be patient. Your best efforts to forestall their activity... Your best attempts to put off bad behavior...You best brow-beating stare does not scare them or wear them out. Rather, they can be patient. They can and they will backstab you when you are not looking or ready. <br><br>We need someone to look out for us when we would normally get lazy or just worn out. We need someone to be with us and for us every moment of every day. We need someone who is greater than he that is in the world. <br><br>That someone is Jesus and He IS with us. He loves us and according to His might provision sends the Holy Spirit to live in believers. We are accordingly regenerated and sealed. This kind of protection and power is no joke. <br><br>We are not done yet. He is not done yet. You will know when He is because a trump will sound. Like the old whistle that used to blow (so I'm told) at the end of the shift to let workers know that their shift was over and they could go, we will hear the trump and we will go. <br><br>Until then we are outgunned and outmanned as individuals but not in Christ. Because, if they are old, He is older. He is more than they could ever hope to be. His power in us is unending and we and will win the fight because the enemies we face while they are too much for ordinary men they are not fought with weapons made by hand but with hearts forged by God into living temples. <br><br>Thank you Lord. We win.

Posted by P. Daniel Stevenson on 15-Mar-2021 at 20:11:37 EST
Subject: God is doing amazing things thru His people

I am so blessed when I think of how many different things our relatively small church does. We impact so many different areas and have considerable effect. <br><br>We have people working, who through the pandemic have not had a break. It's not that they got to stay home and couldn't work for a while. It's not that they took a paid vacation. They were deemed essential and continued to work thru the stay at home order. <br><br>We are tired in some ways but at the same time it amazes me how good God has been to us. We could have suffered badly at the hands of this pandemic. We could have lost jobs or lost health so drastically as to be unrecoverable. But we didn't. We are still going, long after the first set of batteries ran out and the cicumstances dictated needing a hiatus, we are still going. We are actively serving on top of regular employment and on top of homeschooling which we never signed up for. We are still going. <br><br>I think God is calling us to even more. We must exhibit a love for one another that is refreshing. We must love the folks of the world who have similar troubles and in some case far more drastic troubles in order that they can feel the love of God as we do. <br><br>We are not survivors but abundant livers and we can do many amazing things yet.