Camp Ucan is a FREE (fully scholarshipped)  sports camp for boys age 9-15. The camp is August 5th through 8th. The camp features an active curriculum with professional sports athletes, coaches, and mentors working with the campers. Boys are encouraged to grow into a man of integrity.
Transportation will be provided by Life station and New Heights Fellowship Baptist Church and you must list us when you register to receive the free scholarship.
We will leave Monday morning and return Thursday afternoon. Agust 5th thru 8th.
Here is the link to register on the SCBO website:
If you register on the SCBO website you will pay a $10 fee which will be returned to your boy at camp for snack purchases and such. However, if you register here you will be asked to give the fee to the leader when your boy is dropped off the day of. If you do not have the $10 and you register here we will cover it. If you register here we will register your boy(s) on the SCBO website.
You are not guaranteed registered until you receive a confirmation from the camp staff. Simply put, if you want to be 100% sure of your registration you need to register on the SCBO website and pay the $10 fee through the SCBO. That is the fastest method. 
Our registration form is a work around for those who cannot or are unwilling to pay the fee in advance or at all. If you register on SCBO website you should put New Heights Fellowship under the church name. You may put the Church phone 419.469.8808 and the church address 255 heffner St. Toledo Ohio 43605. There are blanks for this information on their site. If you use our registration form only we will take care of all of that for you. 
Once your boy is registered you will receive a suggested list of items to bring. Know that boys will NOT have electronics while at camp and that they will be involved in an active curriculum so shorts, tennis shoes, etc. Also, they will need bedding but do not let any of those things stop your boy from attending. We will help as we can. This is a great camp and the experience of a lifetime. Those who have gone in the past have reve reviews.  
Do not procrastinate on filling out the form. There are a limited nunmber of free scholarships and the ONLY way to be allowed to attend is to get one. Commit now, sign up now, and tell your boy(s) to get ready for a great camp. However, DO NOT sign up and cancel. The scholarship will be wasted and the costs will still be paid by those who have provided the scholarship and that would be sad. We MUST NOT waist this opportunity. 
Here is our form.  
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